Take a journey through decades of Classic Rock and R&B music.

Have you ever had a time when music was your only friend? 'Dream On' pays tribute to decades of classic rock and R&B music through the story of a mother and daughter finding common ground. Part graphic anthology, part bedtime story, 'Dream On' is an adventure for music fans of all ages.



When I was a kid, my house was filled with music. My parents didn't just play the music they grew up with in the 60's, they also introduced me to the music their parents grew up with. Yes, I would throw in my hip-hop cassette tapes, but my mom would put on old Motown records and my dad would throw a '45 on the phonograph and talk about his parents generation. Listening to music from so many time periods not only brought us closer together but it also gave us a platform to talk about what the musicians were saying. I remember when my mom sat me down in second grade to listen to the lyrics of John Lennon's 'Imagine' and talk about what it meant and my place in the world. I made 'Dream On' because I firmly believe in connecting through music and talking about an artist's message and social impact. Not to mention, it's pretty freaking cool when your kids ask you to put on a Doors album and you get a break from bubblegum pop.


First and foremost, 'Dream On' is a tribute to Classic Rock and R&B music. I made this book because I want kids to grow up with a love for great music from the past. 

In The Still of the Night,    The 5 Satins, 1956  •     Is This Love,    Bob Marley, 1978

In The Still of the Night, The 5 Satins, 1956 Is This Love, Bob Marley, 1978


Book Synopsis: After an argument with her mother, a girl goes to sleep with the radio on. The boombox narrates each scene, taking the main character on a journey throughout the night. An eclectic mix of historical song titles- chosen carefully for variety, significance, and poignancy, guide the character through a series of dreams. Each sleep position echoes a dream sequence, making the journey a unique meld of real life and fantasy. Hidden background details such as changing band posters, and references to other relevant music, can be discovered on each additional read.

If you want to introduce your kids to the classics, or if you just want a fun anthology for your library, 'Dream On' is the perfect book for you.

The Art

The best part of making this book has been researching and listening to a ton of classic songs and artists and integrating them into my story. I've spent so much time listening to old music and drawing and I have to say this has probably been the most enjoyable project I've ever taken on.

Designing the wall posters for the book was a really fun challenge. Each poster was its own small little art project. I would do a little research on the artist, open up spotify and then start drawing. (So much fun, I could do this all day). Here's a time lapse video of drawing the posters if you want to see the process in action:


The Music:


An eclectic variety of musicians, genres and styles are fully represented in 'Dream On'. I also incorporated as many historically relevant artists as I could into the backgrounds with band posters, and other hidden tributes throughout the book. From Ella Fitzgerald to Black Sabbath you're bound to rediscover some of your favorite songs from the 50's, 60's and 70's.


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