Why Blue?

Maya is always wondering. On this particular afternoon she looks up at the sky and asks herself the classic question, "Why is the sky blue?" Through a series of encounters with people she meets throughout the day, Maya is presented with several intriguing explanations. As she goes about her day, the reflecting sky above transforms to illustrate these concepts. This is a story about everybody's unique and valuable perspective of the world. It is a story about inquisitiveness, wonder and in the end, finding the answer within yourself.

Children are naturally curious, creative and wonderful. They look at the world with fresh eyes, quite different than our own. How can we ensure that this kind of creative thinking continues to exist in our students’ minds during a time when they are fed a steady diet of “information overload”? Well, I think we need to balance out that digital diet with intelligent, imaginative and inspiring books like Why Blue?
— Karli Lomax, Creating a Thoughtful Classroom

Why This book matters

A few of years ago I had an idea for a children's book. I thought, How hard could it be? Well it turned out to be one of the biggest challenges of my career. If I had known what it was gonna take to finish it and get it published, I doubt I would've even started. But, ignorance is bliss. I had my idea, and all that lay ahead were the possibilities.

This is exactly how my kids think when they have an idea. "It's gonna be awesooome! Yes! Let's do it!” And they jump right in. They don't care if they have to clean up a big mess after or if anyone will like it. They just absolutely love making things. My kids, and I think all kids, are artists. They are thinkers and they constantly question the world around us everyday. I feel like our job is to keep them doing that for as long as possible.

'Why Blue?' It tells the story of a little girl who loves asking questions. She asks the classic question "Why is the sky blue?" And she isn't quite convinced by any of the explanations that she's getting. In the end she realizes it's up to her to take all of these answers in, and determine her OWN path.

I wanted to write a book that encourages kids to question the world around us. To be creative, critical and independent thinkers. So, I'm very excited to introduce my first children’s book, "Why Blue?"


Why Blue? was published by Xist Publishing.

Interactive infographic explaining the science behind why the sky is blue:

Listen to this awesome Radiolab episode that talks about the history of color in literature:

"To be nobody-but-yourself -- in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else -- means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting." - e.e. Cummings